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Consortium of Services for Monitoring, Planning and Managing Integrated Environmental born in May 2010 through a partnership between the company LARA Studio Environment Project, Loccioni and ITALVECO Group, with the aim to bring together in the areas of design, development and research, the competences in the environmental field consolidated in twenty years of experience of individual enterprises.

Consortium Stabile Astra aims to public and private customers in Italy and abroad, with an integrated range of services in the environmental field for:

  • Environmental monitoring of air, noise, vibration, surface and ground water, electromagnetic fields, soil and subsoil, flora and fauna, archeology, landscape, physical places, social environment, earth and rock excavation.
  • Studies and projects to optimize environmental resources in industrial contexts both public and private.
  • Environmental monitoring projects.
  • Engineering, construction, managing and maintaining of water systems for water treatment (primary and waste) and liquid waste, even on loan.
  • Implementation, managing and maintaining of Databases.
  • Engineering, construction, implementation and maintenance of services and works.
  • Research and development of new technologies, with the major National and European institutions in the field of alternative energy associated with water treatments.
  • Activities and services, including management, relating to works, installations and public and private services, with contracts "global service" and "project financing".

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