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Water Treatments

Installation, Managing and Maintaining of Civil or Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants.

We are sure that water is a precious resource, and for this reason that we are engaged for years in the engineering and installation of systems for treating industrial or civil wastewater. The CMI Engineering Ltd. to ensure quality and reliability for each plant, intends to live up to its corporate mission: to provide devices for the Water and Wastewater treatments ensuring both an economic advantage for users and the other preserving the essence the environment itself. All in full compliance with the Quality Standards required by the national and European regulations.

Our solutions, suitably sized for dairies, slaughterhouses, tanneries and in general for any technological process, ensure that the wastewaters are suitable for disposal as provided for by Italian Legislative Decree no. 152/06. Our biological or physical-chemical plants to ensure absolute reliability, quality and durability.  


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